Client Services

Curphey & Malkin offers executive search, contingent search, and consulting services to help companies scale their teams. We partner with companies of all sizes – startup to public.

Our Search Process

Our mission is to become your trusted recruitment partner by providing an extraordinary experience. We customize our searches to ensure you receive only high-quality candidates that meet your requirements. Our focus is on quality over quantity, respecting your time by introducing you to candidates that align with your needs. We only share job descriptions and submit candidates after having a personal conversation with them. This personal touch is a fundamental aspect of our business approach.

Executive Search

We will help you find your next great leader who possess the skills, experience, and vision necessary to drive strategic goals and foster growth. By leveraging our extensive network, advanced search methodologies, and industry insights, we ensure that businesses can secure leaders who align with their corporate culture and long-term objectives.

Contingent Search

Our contingent recruiting services offer a flexible and results-driven approach to talent acquisition, catering to businesses looking to fill positions without upfront costs. Our team of recruiters headhunt the talent that meet your exact requirements.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services such as RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), employer branding, systems/infrastructure implementation, strategic consultation, etc. We have team members who have built and scaled talent acquisition teams so are able to provide you with talent acquisition solutions.

Industry Practices

Our area of expertise is with technology companies but we also serve other industries including consulting firms and non-profits.