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Curphey & Malkin is proud to be different.

We've been helping companies grow for the last 27 years by taking a personal approach in assessing a company's culture, personality, and staffing needs. Unlike many other search firms, we build lasting relationships with our clients.

Our clients include global companies, start-up ventures, and growth businesses.

Jack Curphey

Jack Curphey - Senior Principal

Jack@candm.com LinkedIn Profile

I think one of C&M's assets is that we listen to people. It's all about developing relationships. Getting calls over and over again makes it all worthwhile.

Jack Curphey is the Founder and President of Curphey & Malkin. He has 28 years of experience in high technology, specifically recruiting sales and sales management
positions. His prior experience includes sales positions at Itel Corporation and Litton Industries in New York City. He holds a BS in Political Science from NW Missouri State.

Jack is an active supporter of local charities such as the Venice Boys & Girls club. He enjoys skiing, golf, working out, and quality family time.

Nancy Malkin

Nancy Malkin - Senior Principal

Nancy@candm.com LinkedIn Profile

I'm proud of what our team has accomplished matching clients and applicants. We've grown to be one of the most well known boutique firms in a highly competitive environment by pulling together a group of recruiters with business and technology experience. Clients know they can count on us to find the best candidates who become long-term placements.

Nancy Malkin is a Sr. partner and CFO of Curphey & Malkin. She has 25 plus years of experience that has helped make Curphey & Malkin a premier search firm for innovative technology. Nancy works with companies ranging from small startups to the Fortune 100.  Her expertise is sales engineering, marketing, product management, professional services, tech support, operations and engineering. She handles positions from the SVP level to individual contributors. Prior to recruiting, she spent several years as a sales engineer for Sperry Univac.

Nancy has a BA from Ohio State University. She enjoys travel, cycling, golf, reading great novels and movies. She's also a volunteer for a number of charities, including PANCAN (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network) and Wolfgang Puck's American Food and Wine Festival that benefits Meals on Wheels.

Carla Cimo

Carla Cimo - Principal, Sales Recruiting Practice

Carla@candm.com LinkedIn Profile

When I came to C & M 17 years ago, I came as a candidate seeking a senior marketing position. I never left. I was struck then, as I am now, by the commitment, integrity and uncanny ability that C & M has to listen and qualify both a client's and candidate's needs, subsequently leading to a successful marriage for both. We, as a company, are in relationships for the "long haul," which is why we continue to be extremely successful in a most challenging economic time.

Carla has 20 years' experience working with sales professionals. Prior to Curphey & Malkin, she held key marketing and sales positions at companies such as McDonnel Douglas, Cyma/McGraw Hill, and DEC. She has a BA from Simmons College and an MS from Boston University.

She enjoys classical music, literature, plays, international travel, tennis, and swimming. Most of all, she and her husband enjoy watching their daughter play club sports.

Diana Allen

Diana Allen - Principal, Technology & Marketing Practice

Diana@candm.com LinkedIn Profile

My recruiting is both personally and professionally rewarding. My role is about more than just bringing employers and candidates together. It's about people and making sure the right people are placed in the right positions to build successful employer-employee relationships.

Diana Allen has been recruiting for Curphey & Malkin for 16 years. Previously, she helped clients solve business problems and led training and development programs while working at Oracle, Data General and Computervision. She also held engineering positions at Northrop Aircraft and Bechtel Corporation.

Diana holds a BS in Design from UC Davis. She has traveled extensively and enjoys fine wine, gourmet cooking, skiing, cycling and scuba diving. She is an active member in the Hermosa Beach Education Foundation and spends her spare time fundraising for Hermosa Beach schools. Most of all, she enjoys being with her husband and 2 children.

Joanne Cohen

Joanne Cohen - Principal, Technology & Marketing Practice

Joanne@candm.com LinkedIn Profile

After carefully listening to a client’s needs, I can select the top 1-3 candidates that
result in a match where both the candidate and client are very happy. My experience in the technology industry saves everyone time in finding a great match.

Joanne Cohen joined Curphey & Malkin 15 years ago and launched our product and marketing practice. Joanne made our initial placements with clients in web analytics, online advertising and digital media. She brings strong corporate experience in marketing, sales, consulting, and finance with companies such as CSC, Businessland, and System Development Corporation.

On the technical side, she launched an email service, created SaaS offerings and managed cloud services. She's also packaged and priced worldwide services and negotiated and sold multi-million dollar contracts.

Joanne holds a BA in Economics and an MBA from the Graduate School of Management from UCLA. Her interests include orchid growing, modern decorating, great food, travel, theatre and athletic training at Equinox. She is an avid reader of business journals and fiction and loves life at the beach. She is aunt "extraordinaire" to six nieces and nephews.

Deb Ryan

Deb Ryan - Principal - Sales Practice

Deb@candm.com LinkedIn Profile

When I came to Curphey & Malkin, I was looking for a change. I was looking for a company that was more personal. I came from a marketing environment in high-tech where I supported sales and planned all of the company events such as trade shows, conferences, and executive forums for lead generation. I wanted to put those skills and that knowledge into a role where I could help other people find their "dream jobs." I found it and I am proud to say that I am part of this team.

I enjoy assessing a company's culture and staffing needs to qualify candidates as well as evaluating the personality, environments and financial needs of the candidates; consequently, leading to a successful unity.

Deb Ryan has been recruiting for Curphey & Malkin for nearly four years. She focuses on inside sales as well as hybrid roles and junior sales positions. She brings solid corporate experience in marketing and sales for companies such as Cambridge Technology Partners, Informix Software, Ingres and Information Builders.

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